RAINMAN Electric (12V DC) Pressure Supply Unit

RAINMAN Electric (12V DC) Pressure Supply Unit

RAINMAN Electric (12V DC) Pressure Supply Unit


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RAINMAN Watermaker Electric Pressure Supply Unit

BRAND: Rainman
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RAINMAN 12V DC Electric Pressure Supply Unit


This lower power, lower output system is ideal for use when you are running solar / battery for your main power source.

Water Everywhere
Rainman watermakers are a compact and portable solution designed to generate a fresh water supply from seawater.
Our system consists of a Pressure Supply Unit (PSU) and a Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO). The PSU draws water up, filters it, and pressurises it for the RO unit, which extracts fresh potable water for your tanks. With the brackish water flow gauge, you can use the system in seawater, brackish water, or freshwater applications.

Built to last
We use only top quality components from the best manufacturers: Honda, DuPont FILMTEC, General Pump, Noshok, and Parker. Our filters, membranes and replacement parts are non-proprietary for ease of service worldwide.

Our system can be easily transferred between boats or used in remote land based applications. Keep your watermaker when you change your boat.

The Rainman Advantage
Our simple and robust system is designed for ease of use and low maintenance. This fresh approach to desalination eliminates unnecessary componentry and electronics. Not only will the initial cost of a Rainman watermaker be lower than other systems, but the simple design and high build quality reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Choose to install your system or run it portable, allowing you to reduce weight while not cruising.

Using simple pumps and no electronics maximises the uptime of your watermaker.

Modest initial price and low maintenance requirement minimises life cycle cost.

Investment retention
Keep your watermaker when you change boats.

Sturdy injection moulded polypropylene shell.
Permanent Magnet totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) DC motor.
Draws 32 amps (400 watts) including integrated lift pump in portable configuration (current draw may vary +/- 10%).
Can be configured to draw 25 amps (300 watts) by bypassing integrated lift pump and providing your own boost pump.
Pre-filter and housing externally mounted for ease of service.
Integrated impeller pump to lift water and provide positive pressure to the high pressure pump.
General Pump WMR series 316 stainless steel high pressure pump, the workhorse of the RO industry.
General Pump relief valve to prevent overpressurisation.
Sturdy 5 metre draw hose fitted with one way valve so it remains primed, with detachable strainer.
High pressure stainless steel quick couple outlet for connection RO membrane unit.
Five 5 micron pleated paper pre-filter cartridges included.
1kg (2.2 lb) bag pickling solution powder included.

Length: 600mm (23.6″)
Width: 270mm (10.6″)
Height: 375mm (14.8″)
Weight: 24.5kg (54lb)

*Couples with one of our reverse osmosis membranes, ordered separately.

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