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Cookies are small data files that are being used as an industrial template and are essential for the smooth functionality of most websites. They are mainly used to collect statistic data, to facilitate access, visit and stay of a user on a specific website, as well as facilitate the best user experience.

Use of Cookies allows ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD to provide high-tech personalized services, which would not be offered without it. Cookies are transferred from the website server ( to the hard disk of the computer/tablet/mobile device of the user who visits the specific website, in order to collect and store data for statistical purposes, that help the website provide a perfect personalized experience, always excluding the probability of user/visitor identification. During the next visit on the company’s website, Cookies will allow the system to recognize the browser used, saving of some of the user’s preferences as well as any other information necessary to improve the functionality of the website’s services. Cookies are essential for the better utilizing of our system and discarding them may result in difficulty and bugs in displaying and providing specific features and services.

Cookies are used to properly display advertising content that interests the user as well as the services that best suit his/her likes and needs. Cookies are not used to store user/visitor identification/authentication data and in no way may damage the operating system of the access platform.

Furthermore, cookies do not affect in any way the user’s stored/saved files, and access to read, modify or delete the stored information owns exclusively the website from which they were transferred. Nevertheless, the user/visitor has the option through his browser settings (chrome, firefox, safari, edge, etc.) to select the delete of existing cookies. In addition, the user is given the option to either choose the general option to automatically reject all cookies from all websites, or to choose to be informed each time he/she enters a website to receive a specific cookie, or, finally, choose each time whether he/she wishes to allow the download or the rejection of cookies. Cookies, therefore, are stored on the user’s computer temporarily and are only transmitted to our server when he/she visits our website.

This Cookies Use Policy is an integral part and is immediately connected to the present Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD reserves the right to freely modify the Cookies Use Policy, without prior notice of the user/visitor. Every change applied to this Policy, is considered as valid from the moment of its publication on the website of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD. It is highly recommended that all users/visitors/customers regularly check and read carefully the Cookies Use Policy in order to be informed of any revisions. Therefore, every user/visitor/customer who enters and browses through the company’s website, is presumed to agree and offer his/her consent with the website’s Cookies Policy, as well as any future updates.

In ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD we cooperate with other websites to offer our users/visitors/customers with the highest quality possible in all the domains of our services, so there is always a chance that when you use/visit the website of our company, you will notice that different websites store cookies on your computer/tablet/mobile device (e.g.,,, Our company does not manage the cookies stored by third parties or other companies with which we cooperate and are displayed through our website, since these third-parties and companies own and manage their own cookies, regardless of the operation of their services on


The cookies that we use in may be considered a) permanent, b) temporary/one-visit-use which are saved only during each individual user visit and c) both permanent and temporary.

Cookies Categories that we use are analyzed below, as the user/visitor is given the choice to select the deactivation of a cookie category, but he cannot disable the cookies that are Strictly Necessary for the running of our website.


Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential for the proper and correct running of the website, so as to be able to properly provide the services required by our users/visitors through These cookies allow our users/visitors to browse the website undisturbed, without bugs, and use the services of the online store. Due to use of these Cookies, we achieve to ensure the secure connection of the user, access to safe internet areas and use of the shopping cart. They, also, consist in the protection of the user’s transactions security, by redirecting the users/visitors/members/clients to third-party payment applications and returning them safely to, in order to complete a commercial transaction. In addition, Strictly Necessary cookies are used to assist with the automatic completion of the user’s personal data, which he/she has registered or is registering at the online store of during his/her transactions, as well as the possibility for the user to recover all transaction relevant information after the process’ completion. Technical cookies are strictly related to the use of the website as it is necessary that they are absolutely accurate, concerning the content that the user/visitor is looking for. Strictly necessary cookies do not retain user ID information and do not lead to personal identification. Without the Strictly Necessary cookies, the smooth operation of is not possible.


Functionality cookies allow our company’s website to retain basic user choices, such as preferred language, currency, etc. and thus provide personalized services. Functionality cookies do not monitor user traffic and activity on other websites. In case of non-acceptance of the use of Cookies, the functionality of the website will be affected as we will require every time from the user to repeat registering his basic use option.

Statistics Cookies (Google Analytics)

Statistics Cookies utilize information generated by visitors while using the website, such as the websites our users prefer and choose to visit, their most wanted products, the data that users are aware of as well as any website error of malfunction users may have encountered while browsing the website, in order to  acquire statistical data to study and work towards the improvement of the website’s performance.

Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies help us gather information related to the preferences and choices of each user/visitor as well as learn about the products that interest him the most. Based on this information, we can design and promote to the individual user more specialized and personalized advertising information, delivered from service providers and third parties with whom we cooperate on the advertising domain.

Social Media Cookies

Social Media Cookies consist the connection between the company’s website and social networking websites. By their use, we are given the opportunity to include information from Social Media websites on the company’s website (e.g. “plugins” from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and vice versa show company information on Social Media websites, that are of interest to social media users.

When users of the website, get referred/redirected to another website through the use of links, hyperlinks or third-party websites hosted on this website, they get transferred to the third-party’s online environment and are acting on their own initiative. Therefore, upon redirection they are considered subjects under the ruling/concern of said third-party initiatives/regulation, describing and maintaining their own user cookie policy. Our company and its online store will not be held liable for any issues arising from the use and storage of cookies on the third-party websites visited by users of the website, even if they were redirected to them through a link displayed in the company’s online store.

* User data collected by the use cookies is stored for 12 months from the first time they provide us with their consent, by entering and using our website or by agreeing to specific cookies use.

Data Protection Officer: Alexandros Atmatzidis, son of Lazaros, e-mail: