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The following Terms and Conditions of Use apply and describe the use of the e-shop located at the ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD website (www.ade-marine.com), concerning all users and customers as well as all means of transmission (computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other platform) and in any form of projection of its content (website, application, etc.).

ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD (www.ade-marine.com), is an online store (e-shop) selling products online, legally and duly approved by the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments (Consumer General Secretariat, Consumer Protection Directorate) in accordance with the applicable legislation. ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD reserves all rights to operate through a website or any other suitable means of its approval.

ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD and the domain name “ www.ade-marine.com ”, are owned by the Limited Company under the name of ” ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD”, which is located in Piraeus, Attica, 72 Mykalis Street, TIN. 095567169, Tax Office: E ‘Piraeus, tel. +30 213 0882726, e-mail: info@ade-marine.com, legally represented by mr. Alexandros Atmatzidis, son of Lazaros.

The use of “ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD” (hereinafter “the company”) e-shop’s website for customer’s purchases and placement of orders on it, as well as all rights and obligations related to it, is described by the following Terms and Conditions, as well as in their integral provisions, and apply to all of its content and its individual pages.

Every visitor/user who visits, browses and uses in any way the website of the company as well as any services available for use through it, is automatically assumed to have received full knowledge and agrees to be under the ruling of the terms and conditions set out herein. Our Company takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that all user data is completely secure and access to them is limited and in accordance with Greek and EU Law.

All Representatives of the Data Controller, acting as user data Processors are regulated and bound by 1. the context of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter “REGULATION”) as well as 2. from their agreement and personal contract with us, as is furtherly approved by the consent, provided by the users. The Use and Access of users in the online store of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD consists an automatic agreement and acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned below (hereinafter “Terms”). Therefore, it is recommended that all visitors/users of the company’s website and services, read and make certain that they fully understand the Terms of Use. In case a visitor/user does not agree with the mentioned Terms of Use, he must, at his own risk, abstain from using the website of the Company and generally refrain from any use of services and content provided by the Company.

Ensuring www.ade-marine.com user data privacy is our main priority and with the apply of the present Terms of Use-Privacy Policy, use and management of the personal data provided by the visitors/users is explained, according to Greek Law No. 2472/1997 (“Protection of the Individual from the Processing of Personal Data”) and its amendments, as well as the Regulation.

Regarding all transactions and the realization and process of purchases through the use of e-commerce, that are completed using the present website (www.ade-marine.com), all the conditions that arise from the Greek and European legislation are valid. More specifically, ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD services comply with all the conditions arising from the Joint Ministerial Decision Ζ1-496 / 2000-Government Gazette No 1545/Β/18-12-2000 [Distant Sales – Comparative advertisement – Adaptation of Greek Law No 2251/1994 for “Consumer Protection” (Government Gazette No A\191) following the Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on “the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts” (Official Journal L 144 , 04/06/1997, P. 0019–0027) and the DIRECTIVE 97/55/EC of European Parliament and of the Council of 6 October 1997 “amending Directive 84/450/EEC concerning misleading advertising so as to include comparative advertising” (Official Journal L 290 , 23/10/1997, P. 0018–0023) as well as regulation applied by the Greek Law No 2251/1994, concerning Consumer Protection. Furthermore, the Company through its online store www.ade-marine.com, maintains the obligation to provide updated information to potential customers, regarding the basic and main characteristics of the goods and services available, information about product costs, shipping costs, value-added taxes (when they are not included in the stated price), the available product quantity, the payment methods, the delivery and process methods of the purchase, the validity period of each offer and finally, the right consumer’s right of withdrawal.

In order for www.ade-marine.com to  run effortlessly and the provided services to have the best performance, we kindly request that our website’s visitor/user accepts the Use of Cookies, as it is described in these Terms and is being implemented automatically by visiting/browsing the website.

The mentioned Terms and Conditions of Use of the Company’s website, and their possible amendments and modifications, are subjected by Greek and European legislation as well as the relevant International Treaties. In case of a conflict occurring by the modification of the abovementioned legal frameworks, the Terms and Conditions of Use that are affected will be amended accordingly, while the entire content of the Terms/Conditions will remain as it is.

ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD reserves completely and in any possible case the right to unilaterally moderate its Terms and Conditions of Use, without the obligation to inform users/visitors in advance. The Company is obliged to provide information related to each moderation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, through the update of the current version of the Terms οf Use. Visitors/users who keep using the Company’s services, are automatically considered to agree to the updated Terms and Conditions of Use provided by the company. Subsequently, it is highly recommended that all users/visitors of the Company’s services and content, visit, read and check, on a regular basis, if they agree to the Terms of Use, in order to be completely aware of their behavior and proceed to the process they desire.



Completely respecting the users/visitors/customers of the online store of the Company, all the necessary legal information concerning the professional identity of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD is provided, as is the information concerning the offered products/services that are displayed on the online store, certifying that it is complete, true, valid and up to date. The Company holds the right to possess reservations concerning accidental technical or typographical errors that are impossible to predict or may arise unintentionally or due to technical weaknesses or due to a malfunction of the website or due to force majeure. The complete and continuous updating of the visitors/users/customers of www.ade-marine.com, is our priority and for this reason all the necessary actions are taken in order to immediately and completely inform them, regarding the availability of the goods. However, the relevant online updates of the website’s information may appear on the website within one (1) day of their modification.


User/Visitor access to the web environment of www.ade-marine.com, offers the possibility to create a personal, non-transferable, member account. To complete the creation of a personal member account on the company’s website, the user will need to register a username and a Personal Secret Security Code (password) which he will personally select and will only be known by himself. The username and password will only be used by the user/member to log in the services of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD and will allow him/her to access all the personal data he has uploaded to our system, such as his personal e-mail address or previous order details. The Personal Secret Security Code may be altered as frequently as the member wishes, with no limitation, but in order for the password to change, the member has to make an official request to our company. Exclusive access is given to the user/member that has all the personal information needed to log in to the user’s personal account (profile-user account) page and for this reason the member becomes solely responsible for the actions taken in each log in period, for alterations in account details and data, as well as for every other action performed through its use. In case of concern about the security state of the member’s personal account, for example in case of forgetfulness of the password, unauthorized and unrecognisable  account use or in any other case of concern about the security of the account, we highly recommend the user/member to immediately inform the team of ADE MARINE-AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD, in order to carry out all the necessary security background check and prevent any possible breach of security.

It is, therefore, clearly and completely stated that the user/member of the company’s website retains sole responsibility for the use and access of his account, as are logging-in and logging-out. In the unfortunate event that due to the user’s negligence to respect and follow this Regulation, and in case of any damage or loss that occurs to the member’s account and personal information, ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD and www.ade-marine.com bear no responsibility at all.


To create a member account in the company’s website, the user/visitor must meet certain conditions. More specifically, every new registered member of the services of www.ade-marine.com, has to make certain that all the required information and details concerning his registration and access to the products and services of the website a) are correctly registered and written, they are true, valid, complete and up to date and that the member will keep them in this state for the whole usage period, in the present and in the future, as well as b) clearly provide consent to the collection and processing of personal data under the Terms and Conditions, as well as and the Privacy Policy listed herein. Therefore, the user/member is considered as subject under the Terms and Conditions of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD and clearly states that he/she has studied, understood, fully comprehended and accepts them, expressly and unreservedly.

Nevertheless, even though registration of users/visitors as new members of www.ade-marine.com is absolutely advisable and recommended for the best browsing experience of the user in the environment of the online store, is not necessary to complete a purchase of the desirable product. We have made certain that the user/member registration process is completed quickly, with a simple membership creation process so that the user/member registers his personal data effortlessly and his/her visit becomes as pleasant as possible.

The membership account creation process, as well as the preservation of an official membership account and the website connection of each user/visitor on the website/ online store of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD is free of charge and consists sole property of the individual member it refers to, with no possibility of transfer or assignment to another user/visitor. Our website, www.ade-marine.com stores only the personal information/data provided by the user himself/herself, reassuring that no changes should be made without his/her given permission. The mentioned personal data are collected and maintained exclusively for the purpose of a) the creation of the member’s user account through which we provide the possibility to facilitate the completion of orders, to monitor the progress details of an order, to examine the previous orders completed by the company etc, and b) to maintain informing the users about special offers and promotions related to our products and services, as well as to send informative advertising and promotional material related to our actions and our collaborations with Third Parties (newsletter). Finally, c) all the user/member information that are necessary with the creation of an account, are used to assist the communication of the company with our visitors/clients, the best functionality of our online store and the transactions with users/members, i.e. for communication, registration, completion, shipping, delivery, payment and generally for every safe economic activity.

In order to facilitate the membership account registration process, in our online store www.ade-marine.com we have created a modern technologically advanced registration platform, so to ensure that the registration process can be done in the fastest and most reliable way. To create a member account, it is necessary to provide us with the following personal data which will be available for processing by the company.

NATURAL PERSONS: The personal data that is considered necessary for the registration of a natural person as a member of www.ade-marine.com, are the name and surname of the person, his residential address, the postal code of the mentioned address, personal contact telephone number and an email address, in order to be able to thoroughly inform and communicate with him.

LEGAL PERSONS: In order to create a member account of a legal entity/person in the online store of ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD, it is necessary to provide us with its full brand name, headquarters legal address, the postal code of the mentioned address, an official email address, its TIN and TAX office, as well as the full name of the Communications Officer.

Upon completing the registration process of the visitor/user’s necessary personal data the membership process is completed and the new Member account is created at www.ade-marine.com.


Use of the company’s website as well as the provision of other services, such as the registration and completion of purchases from our online store, are not associated with the subscription to our Newsletter. The visitor/user’s subscription to the Company’s newsletter is performed upon user’s initiative and is placed with a simple provision of the user’s e-mail address, in the specially designed field that appears on the website www.ade-marine.com. By entering the user’s email address and completing the registration process on the website, the visitor/user/member agrees to receive in his/her e-mail address our informative, advertising, promotional or non-promotional material related to our products, services and possible alterations applied to our Regulation and Terms, as well as any other necessary information that has to be sent to him by the company. We try and make every effort is made with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to deliver our Newsletter to the email addresses provided by the registered users/members, but there is always the unfortunate chance that they may end up being delivered as unwanted/junk email. When you receive a message from our email address, please register and save the message address of our message in your secure contact list.


The use of the services of www.ade-marine.com and the completion of the registration of orders in it, by minors is completely prohibited. Access is allowed only after the necessary prior parental consent. The company bears no responsibility if underage users, on their own initiative, browse the company’s website or apply for membership after entering false information, as well as in any other case, such as the registration and completion of a product/service order and purchase. As soon as the browsing of a minor or the false entry of personal data of a minor on the company’s website is noticed, our data processor will immediately delete all the registered data from the files stored by the company.



Bearing in mind the best www.ade-marine.com user/visitor browsing experience, we decided to design and create a simple order placement and completion online process. The interested user can, through his browsing to our website and the list of our available products/services that ready to order, add the goods he/she wishes to the “Shopping Cart” and then proceed with the purchase process.

The first step in placing an order on our online store, requires confirmation of the order details, a valid shipping address and issuance of the document/invoice concerning the specific order, as well as the explicit consent and acceptance of the terms of the sale contract. Acceptance of the purchase Terms and Conditions that describe our products and services sale, are part of the order completion process which cannot be performed without specific user agreement to them. Subsequently, follows the order’s shipping cost calculation based on the shipping costs of the products and finally, the payment stage for the products, by selecting and accepting one of the payment methods provided.

The entire process of placing a specific product purchase order desired by users/visitors/members, through our company and its online store www.ade-marine.com, as well as the order completion, constitute a distance purchase agreement, that is subjected under the relevant Consumer Protection Law legal framework [art. 4 Greek Law 2251/1994 (Government Gazette 191 Α΄/16 November 1994), as is amended and in force today]. Upon completion of the order placement, the user/visitor/member who placed the order of the product will receive a personalized message that will state in detail all the information describing:

  • The products he/she ordered
  • The registered quantity
  • The product price, including VAT
  • The subset of the value of the products
  • The selected shipping method and its cost
  • The selected payment method
  • The total value, after the addition of the above-mentioned subsets



Company customers are kindly requested to visit and read often the Terms of Use of the website, as well as all specific details concerning their purchases, such as those listed in the order documents and receipts sent and e-mailed to them with each purchase. Specific Terms, that may be sent to a user, accompanying each individual product purchase, are to be considered as an additional part of this Regulation.

Nevertheless, the company owns the right to reserve or refuse to execute an order shortly after its completion and placement by the user/member, and has to notify the interested customer, concerning the reasons for this action.

For ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD, customer service is an absolute priority and for this reason we urge clients to contact us immediately, and inform us in case of any problems, difficulties, complaints or any other issue concerning the client’s purchase, through contacting our Customer Service Department, from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, on the phone number +30 213 0882726, or by sending us an e-mail at info@ade-marine.com.


Product details, as they are listed and displayed on the website of www.ade-marine.com  are as accurate as possible. However, if the information and photos presented on the website does not correspond to reality and are inaccurate, incomplete or not renewed and up-to-date, if this occurs by mistake or due to force majeure or interrupted operation of the online store, the company bears no responsibility.


The company functions by pricing products in euros (€), stating the specific value of the products, including Value Added Tax (VAT). The company and the online store www.ade-marine.com reserve the right to make alterations on product prices at any time, but maintain the obligation to apply on purchases, the prices listed at the time of placement of the order. Users/visitors/members/customers are highly requested to contact us at info@ade-marine.com when they notice an unusually low price on a product and notify us before completing their order placement, as the possibility of a technical or typographical error is always existing. The final payment amount is also formed based on the additional price of shipping costs, as they are calculated and added to the final payment stage of the products.


Product availability is displayed on the product selection process through company’s online store. We make every effort to entirely and continuously update and modernize our system environment, regarding the products displayed in the online store www.ade-marine.com. In the unfortunate event that a product is tampered with or damaged, or due to mistake we figure that a product is not available, we will contact the user/customer, informing them of the new delivery dates, during which we will be able to send the order.


To offer the best purchase experience and user/visitor/customer service we provide the following available payment methods:

Payment by Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card

Payment via Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards of all banks is accepted. All transactions/purchases that are chosen to be paid using credit cards, are placed directly in the secure encrypted web environment of Piraeus Bank, in order to safeguard the security of the process, without being disclosed or stored in our online store.

Payment by Cash or Card in our Company’s Headquarters

Payment in cash or card at the headquarters of ADE MARINE – ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LTD, 72 Mykalis Str., Piraeus. Upon arrival at our Company’s store, customers who have already placed an order can make a payment by cash or card at our cash register and then immediately receive their ordered products.

Payment by Cash upon Deliver (supported only within Greece)

Payment by cash upon delivery up to the amount of 500 €. All product orders shall be sent out and delivered using a courier service and the payment will be made in cash at the time of receival/delivery of the products. Payment by cash on delivery is free of charge.

In any case, immediately after placement of an order, ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD reserves the right, in special and exceptional cases (e.g. sending out an order to an inaccessible area or due to extremely adverse conditions, etc), to contact the customer by phone or e-mail and inform him about the impossibility to not accept payment by cash on delivery and request the deposit of the cost amount of the order in a bank account, regardless the cost amount of the placed order (i.e. if the cost is lower than 500 €) .

Payment by deposit in a bank account

To facilitate and better serve our customers, we own and provide several bank accounts in various banks. It is possible to deposit the amount of money, after prior communication concerning the availability of the product, to one of the following bank accounts within 2 working days from the day the order is placed. The reason for depositing the money must contain the customer’s full name and the order code, so that we can easily locate the payment and confirm the placed order. The order must be paid in full, calculated with any possible expenses arising from bank deduction cost.

If within a period of two (2) working days, we have not received any information related to the payment or we have not communicated with the customer who has chosen to deposit the amount of the placed order, the client’s order will be automatically cancel and a cancellation informative e-mail will be sent to the client’s registered e-mail address.

BANK ACCOUNT: 251 00 2002 005112
ΙΒΑΝ : GR33 0140 2510 2510 0200 2005 112

BANK ACCOUNT: 195/47033910
ΙΒΑΝ : GR 27 0110 1950 0000 1954 7033 910

BANK ACCOUNT: 5102097776429
ΙΒΑΝ : GR18 0172 1020 0051 0209 7776 429

Payment via PayPal

The secure encrypted Paypal platform can be used to make a payment for the user/customer’s order either with credit card use or use of the client’s PayPal account. When the ordering process is complete, the shall select to pay for his/her order via PayPal from the list of payment options and then our platform will lead him/her to an on-line secure encrypted PayPal payment environment. The use and payment process through the PayPal platform is really easy to use and the process is automated, so usually the order payment is usually completed very quickly.

ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD does not maintain, keep or store any personal information on the online store www.ade-marine.com regarding banking transactions and information. All customer bank account details that may be requested during the payment process, are managed and processed by the bank’s service provider, in a secure encrypted bank environment. In our system we only store the absolutely necessary information, for a limited time that is required for our client/company deal or the ultimate fulfil of the commercial transaction. For any question, all users can contact us at +30 213 0882726 or at info@ade-marine.com.


ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD provides its customers with a) the possibility to pick-up the products he ordered from the Headquarters/Store of the Company, located at no. 72 Mycalis Str., Piraeus, Attica, Greece, P.C. 18540, as well as b) the possibility of sending the placed order to him with the use of a courier company in the address of ​​his choice.


By choosing to pick-up the purchased products from our Company Headquarters and its store, located at no. 72, Mykalis Str., Piraeus, Attica, Greece, P.C. 18540, the customer will not be charged with shipping cost, regardless the order amount.

In case the client chooses to pick-up his order from the Company’s store, the customer will be informed about the process of his/her order via e-mail as he will have to come to receive it within five (5) days, otherwise the order will be automatically canceled.


Each placed order will be available for shipment to the customer’s selection area, after the necessary quality and availability check of the products, which is processed one day after the placement of the order.


The shipping cost of each order is calculated based on the total weight of the package as well as the shipping destination.


Parcel Weight up to 2 kg 5€ 5€
Parcel Weight from 2 kg to 5 kg 6€ 6€
Parcel Weight from 5 kg to 10 kg 10€ 10€
Parcel Weight from 10 kg to 20 kg 13€ 20€
Parcel Weight from 20 kg to 30 kg 20€ 27.5€
For every additional 1 kg 1.7€ 1.7€
To inaccessible region/area 5€


Inside Attica Region the order will be delivered the next working day from the day of confirmation of the order.

Outside Attica Region the order will be delivered within a period of one to three (1-3) working days, from the day of confirmation of the order.

To Inaccessible Regions/Areas the order will be delivered within three to five (3-5) working days from the day of confirmation of the order.


** For shipments ordered to be delivered within Greece, we associate with the branded courier company “SPEEDEX COURIER”.

The delivery of the shipments processed by the courier companies takes place from 09:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the afternoon, at the address indicated by the customer in the order placement form. To offer the best customer service experience, customers are kindly requested to inform us in detail about the specific characteristics of the place of delivery (name, address, contact details, name on the bell, etc.) when deemed necessary.


The shipping cost of each order is calculated based on the total weight of the package as well as the shipping destination.

  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9
Parcel Weight up to 10 kg 21.5€ 21.5€ 29€ 33€ 37.5€ 71.5€ 46€ 51.5€ 190€
Parcel Weight from 11 kg to 15 kg 43€ 43€ 57€ 63€ 71.5€ 131.5€ 76€ 86€ 245.5€
Parcel Weight from 16 kg to 18 kg 64.5€ 64.5€ 86€ 94.5€ 105.5€ 147€ 103€ 117€ 279.5€
Parcel Weight from 19 kg to 20 kg 93€ 93€ 114€ 123€ 137€ 157€ 127€ 144€ 300€
Parcel Weight from 21 kg to 30 kg 107€ 114€ 133€ 145.5€ 167€ 210€ 298€ 313€ 414€
For every additional 1 kg 2.5€ 2.5€ 3€ 3€ 3.5€ 7€ 9.5€ 10.5€ 15.5€




San Marino SM 4 4
Albania AL 5 4
Andora AD 4 7
Austria AT 2 4
Belgium BE 1 4
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA 5 8
Bulgaria BG 2 3
France (North) * FR 1 4-5
France (Rest) FR 2 4-5
Germany (West) * DE 1 4
Germany (Rest)) DE 2 4
Denmark DK 2 5
Switzerland CH 4 4
Estonia EE 3 5
United Kingdom GB 2 5
United Kingdom (Channel Islands) GB 5 5
Ireland IE 2 5
Iceland IS 5 6
Spain ES 2 4-5
Spain (Canary Islands) ES 2 4-5
Italy IT 1 3-4
Kosovo YK 5 7
Croatia HR 5 6
Cyprus CY 1 3
Latvia LV 3 5
Belarus BY 5 7
Lithuania LT 3 5
Liechtenstein LI 4 4
Luxembourg LU 1 4
Malta MT 3 5
Montenegro ME 5 8
Moldova MD 5 4
Monaco MC 4 5
Norway NO 4 5
Netherlands NL 1 4
Hungary HU 2 5
Ukraine UA 4 8-9
North Macedonia MK 5 5
Poland PL 2 5
Portugal PT 2 6
Romania RO 2 3
Russia RU 5 0
Serbia RS 5 5
Slovakia SK 2 5
Slovenia SI 3 5
Sweden SE 2 5
Turkey TR 4 4-5
Czech Republic CZ 2 5
Finland FI 2 5
Egypt EG 8 8
Algeria DZ 9 7
United Arab Emirates AE 7 5
Israel IL 4 7
Qatar QA 9 9
Lebanon LB 9 7
Libya LY 9 8
Bahrain BH 9 8
Tunisia TN 9 6

**For shipments delivered outside Greece, we associate with the branded courier company “TNT”.

*** In case “bank deposit” is the payment method that has been selected by the customer to pay the value of the purchased products, the shipment package will be processed to send within two (2) to five (5) working days from the date of deposit of the amount to the bank. In case of limited or no availability of the product and/or its replacement with another, as well as/or for any other reason, always after immediate notify of the customer, shipping days may increase, from two (2) to ten (10) working days. It is noted that, if within two (2) working days from the order placement, there is no information sent or provided to us related to the payment by the customer, the order will be automatically canceled, and an informative e-mail will be sent.

Subsequently, the customer will then be notified by e-mail of the exact date of delivery of their order.



In case a customer wishes to make a return or request to change a product purchased by our company, it is deemed necessary to previously communicate with the Customer Service Department of the Company from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday at tel. +30 213 0882726, or send an e-mail to info@ade-marine.com.

When returns are not happening due to reasons that do not apply to company’s responsibility, return cost is covered exclusively by the customer who wishes to make a return.

All return products shall be sent to our company’s Headquarters address:

No 72, Mykalis Str., Piraeus
P.C. 185 40, Greece
(customer entrance from Piraeus Street)


When customer wishes to make a return or request to change a product purchased by our company, he/she has the right to request a return within 10 days starting from the date of receival of the order by the customer. Prior communication and consultation about the return and the reasons for the request with the Sales Department of our Company is obligatory. The Return product has to be carefully packaged in its original packaging so that no damage is caused on return, either to the product or to the packaging. In addition, each return package must be accompanied by the retail proof document or the relevant invoice. In any case, we notify our customers that electronic items (inverter, chargers, boards, etc.) cannot be returned.

An expense return/refund concerning the amount of the total value of the products a client bought, may be issued after prior consultation with our company, approval of the return and check of the arriving condition/status in which we received the returned product. If a client wants to return a purchased product, it is obligatory to first call or contact our Sales Department, in order to approve the request to return the purchased product. Afterwards, when we receive the package in our Company’s Headquarters, the return conditions/status will be checked thoroughly, as we will examine for possible damage to the product that has not occurred due to our fault, and then the relevant expense return order/refund will be issued to return the amount of the total value of the products to the customer. The refund amount will be processed and given to the client using the same means of payment chosen by the customer during the initial purchase, within five (5) working days from the date we receive and inspect the product. In the event that the initial purchase was requested to be paid using “cash on delivery” payment method, the refund will be taking place by bank deposit to an account indicated by the person concerned. Nevertheless, it is clearly stated that only the amount of money that covers the subtotal of the purchased products shall be refunded, and not the value that applies to possible shipping costs, cash-on delivery expense or additional bank charges, costs that are covered exclusively by the customer.

We highly recommend that all our customers, upon receival of their ordered products, carefully check the integrity of the packaging, as well as the state/condition of the product, and in case they find any relevant damage or any obvious defects, inform us about the damage as soon as possible, but certainly within two (2) days.

In the unfortunate event that some of the above-mentioned Return Terms have been overlooked, our company reserves the right to not accept the return of the products. Therefore, all returned products will be delivered again, back to the customer, at his own expense.


We offer our clients the possibility to cancel a placed order. Cancellation has to be requested as soon as possible, before we sent the ordered products to the client. Our customers have to inform us and place an order cancellation request to our company, by contacting our Customer Service Department from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday at +30 213 0882726, or by immediately sending an e-mail to info@ade-marine.com.

In case the order has already been sent to the customer, it is possible to return it with the same courier service. In this case, the product shipping and return costs will be covered by the customer.


ADE MARINE – AEGEAN DIESEL ELETRIC LTD is committed to always provide users/visitors of its website www.ade-marine.com with information that is true, accurate and complete, and that the information displayed on it is directly related to the identity, function and services of the website. The company is not responsible for any temporary unavailability, malfunction or technical issues that may arise while browsing the company’s website. In addition, in case of electronic data entries that are uploaded by mistake, the company reserves the right to correct them.

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