Dometic CK 2000

Dometic CK 2000

Dometic CK 2000


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Dometic CK 2000 Air recirculation cooker hood with two-speed fan

BRAND: Dometic
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This innovative cooker hood cleans and recirculates air – so there’s no need to install a roof ventilator.

This cooker hood is quick and easy to install. Based on the air re-circulation principle, it needs no roof ventilator. The air dome it creates catches all the cooking fumes. Further benefits: excellent suction power, low power consumption.

o Innovative air re-circulation cooker hood – the world’s first for motorhomes!
o Activated carbon air filters and halogen lamps are easy to replace with snap-on release mechanism
o High efficiency means low power consumption of just 5 W
o Washable metal grease filter
o Two integrated halogen lights with two lighting levels
o Two-speed fan setting

The world’s first cooker hood for motorhomes to use the principle of air re-circulation, the innovative Dometic CK 2000 efficiently draws cooking fumes upwards along the centre, while expelling the cleaned air via side and front vents, making it unnecessary to install a roof ventilator. The cooker hood itself is easy to fit and its carbon air filters are simple to replace thanks to the snap-on release mechanism. What’s more, integrated LED lights with an extremely low power consumption of 5 W and a 50 m³/h capacity means that when it comes to efficiency, it scores higher than conventional cooker hoods.

SKU number: 9103303094
Model: CK2000
Scope of delivery: replaceable activated carbonfilter, LED lights
Product Description: Air recirculation cooker hood with two-speed fan

Depth: 280 mm
Height: 56 mm
Width: 400 mm
Net weight: 2.20 kg

Input voltage (DC): 12 V

Certificates: CE

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