Dometic T 2500H

Dometic T 2500H

Dometic T 2500H


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Dometic Petrol generator, 2 KW, 230 V

BRAND: Dometic
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This 2.0 kW petrol generator offers you 230 V AC whenever mains power is unavailable. Compact in size and relatively lightweight, it provides reliable and economical operation. Its 2000 W continuous output is capable of supplying several electrical devices at the same time.

Dometic T-series generators give you a high continuous output rating, which makes them suitable as a power source for Dometic air conditioners. Their robust stainless steel housing is sound dampened for quiet operation. The reliable power packs are supplied complete with remote control and fixing materials for hassle-free installation.

o 230 V AC – just like at home
o Suitable for supplying electronic devices
o Extra 12 V output for battery charging
o 2000 W continuous output
o 2200 W peak output
o Remote control included
o Sound-dampened stainless steel cabinet

Dometic T 2500H is an unleaded petrol generator for 230 V AC. The well proven, reliable powerpack comes with a robust stainless steel cabinet. Compact in size and amazingly lightweight, it provides 2000 W on a continuous basis – fine for supplying several electrical devices at the same time. Additionally, it features a 12 V output for battery charging (at 10 A max.) and a remote control panel to be fitted in the passenger compartment. Petrol tanks, exhaust extensions and silencers are available as accessories.

SKU number: 9102900005
Model: T2500H
Scope of delivery: Generator, control panel + 5m cable, 2m flexible exhaust pipe, brackets, clamps, washers, fuel filter, cut out template, user and installation manuals
Product Description: Petrol generator, 2 KW, 230 V

Depth: 385 mm
Height: 290 mm
Width: 530 mm
Net weight: 50 kg

Output voltage: 230 V
Output current: 8.70 A

Fuel type: RON 91 Regular Grade Petrol
Continuous power 25°C: 2000.00 W
Operating temperature min: -15.00 °C
Operating temperature max: 50.00 °C

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